Welcome to the Build enthusiasts Club. We help with enthusiasm for Build enthusiasts.

We are dedicated to helping you build the setup that you dreamed of. We at Wheels Boss work with our customers with the selection and fitment process to make sure our customers are riding the setup they dreamed of for their vehicle (What we call getting new shoes for your vehicle at Wheels Boss). We have our dedicated team that works with the customers to make their ride stand out whether it's an F250, Tacoma, Dually, Mustang, or Benz we got it all covered.

We work on getting the right offset, backspacing for all the vehicles. If you are trying to lift it or lower it or just going to ride stock. We will work with you to get you the right set of options and our integrated VISUALIZER Software helps you see the setup before installing that serves as a bridge between what you dreamed of putting on your vehicle and how your ride will look after installing that setup. We also have a fitment gallery so you can take a look at your dreamed setup from a different perspective.

We understand it’s always a struggle for ride enthusiasts to go on bigger-sized wheels, as much as they can with minimal trimming possible. Our experts will work with you to make sure your vehicle is ready for your desired size of wheels and we also work with our customers to select the tire they are looking for based on their riding activities. Some enthusiastic folks like to go 3” 4” 6” or 10” high from the stock setup. Our experts will work with you to make sure you are extremely satisfied with your setup and we can get all kinds of suspension systems delivered to our customers.

We at Wheels Boss go the extra mile and offer live chat and customers will be served by our experts rather than getting automated answers. We provide multiple platforms of communication such as email, phone, and live chat for their convenience, and Wheels Boss also provides options on payment methods for financing for the convenience of our customers. 

Again Welcome to the Build enthusiasts Club and Happy Building Setup!!